R & D Strength

Technical strength

Accredited laboratory through CNAS audit.
Establish a standard project (current and voltmeter measurement standards).
Pass the AAA measurement management system.
Establish a professional measurement room for precise dimensions.
Intelligent current and voltage control equipment put into use.
Putting into use of energy dispersive fluorescence spectrometer.

Test your ability

At present, there are: AC on-off test, AC life test, reliability test, flashover breakdown test, EMC test, comprehensive characteristic test, high and low temperature and high temperature resistance test, alternating and constant damp heat test, ball pressure test, leakage and aging Testing, drop and vibration test, ultrasonic imaging non-destructive testing, plastic mechanical property test, plastic flame retardant and electrical property test, carbon and sulfur analysis test, metallographic analysis test, salt spray test, X-ray fluorescence spectrum test, double gold ratio bending Test, silicon steel sheet iron loss test, chemical analysis test.